Wood Crops, Selection and Seed Farming

The department of sylvulae and soil science trained postgraduates on the following speciality: 1-75 80 01 Forest cultures, selection and a seed production.

On the given speciality postgraduates receive profound knowledge concerning selection and biotechnology of forest plants, to modern technologies of workpiece and reprocessing of silvan seeds, influence methods on growth-promoting processes. They in details study an agrotechnics and a production technology of a silvan planting stock, including containerized plants and cultivated in hothouses. Postgraduates at high level study technology of creation of artificial forests of the various special-purpose designation, including modern methods of soil cultivation, planting and maintenances of the created sylvulae.

Following disciplines are studied:

- ekologo-biological bases of modern technologies of silvicultural production;

- intensive methods of creation and cultivation of sylvulae;

- innovative methods of cultivation of a planting stock;

- reclamation of the disturbed earths.

Graduates of a speciality 1-75 80 01 Forest cultures, selection and a seed production are claimed at the enterprises of the Ministry of a forestry of Byelorussia as experts in the field of cultivation of a planting stock, creation of artificial forest plantations.

After the termination of a magistracy graduates have possibility to continue training on a department in postgraduate study on a speciality 06.03.01"Forest cultures, selection, a seed production».

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