Technology of Inorganic Substances

General characteristic of speciality.

Specialty 1-48 of 80 01 "Technology of inorganic substances" in accordance with OKRB 011-2009 refers to the education profile 1‘Engineering and technology," the education field 48 ‘Chemical industry’; it allows to be awarded a master's degree (Engineering, Chemistry).

Master’s degree training in this specialty is conducted by the Department of technology of inorganic substances and General chemical technology at the Belarusian state technological University.

 Study is available at full-time (day-time) and correspondence courses.

Regulation term of higher education at the second stage at full-time is 1 year, study by correspondence - 1.5 years.

The level of basic education of persons admitted for higher secondary education is the following one:

1. The level of basic education of persons admitted to education at the second stage is higher education at first stage in the profile 1-48 01 01 specialty "Chemical technology of inorganic substances, materials and products".

2. Persons with higher education on different specialties, participate in the competition according to the results of the additional examinations in the academic disciplines as determined by the institution of higher education in accordance with the recommendations of Education-methodical Association of chemical engineering education.

Characteristics of master's degree graduate professional activity:

The main areas of professional master's degree are:

24  Chemical production

24.1 Production of basic chemicals

24.11 Production of industrial gases

24.13 Production of other inorganic basic chemicals

24.15 Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds

73 Scientific research and development

73.1 Research and development on natural sciences and engineering

73.10 research and development on natural sciences and engineering

80  Education

80.2 Basic compulsory, secondary (full) compulsory, initial and professional  vocational education

80.22.2 Secondary vocational education

80.22.21 Training in educational institutions of secondary vocational education

80.3 Higher education

The objects of professional activity of the master’s degree students are:

– inorganic substances

- products of basic and fine inorganic synthesis, mineral fertilizers, salts and alkalis, catalysts and adsorbents, detergents, chemical absorbents, pure substances and reactants

– scientific research in the field of technology of inorganic substances, intended for further processing or direct consumption: mineral fertilizers, acids, salts, alkalies, products of low-tonnage chemistry

– development of technical specifications, standards and technical descriptions of new inorganic materials

– quality control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products

– national and international standards and regulations for production and inorganic substances.

The disciplines for study:

State component:

Philosophy and methodology of science

Foreign language

Basics of information technology

Pedagogy and psychology of higher school

Modern technology of inorganic substances and trends of their development

Components of higher education institution:

The industrial waste processing in technology of inorganic substances

Elective courses of a master's degree student:

Thin inorganic synthesis and technology of products with nanoscale particles

Physico-chemical basics of technological processes of obtaining new inorganic products

 A master's degree graduate can continue education.

The graduate will be trained to continue the educational program of the postgraduate in the following specialty:

05.17.01 – Technology of inorganic substances

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