Social and Economic Systems Management

Specialists in the second stage of higher education are trained at the Department of Environmental Economics and Management to the specialty 1-26 80 01 "Management in social and economic systems" (Science Masters).

Education in science master allows to acquire the skills of research for the preparation and defense of a thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

The educational program of scientific Magistrates includes disciplines aimed at mastering the methodology and research skills, psychological and pedagogical aspects of the specialist (philosophy and methodology of science, foreign language, the basics of information technology, pedagogy and psychology of higher education), as well as discipline specific training ( defined graduating department):

• state regulation of social and economic systems;

• management in social and economic systems;

• management and environmental economics / forest management (optional).

Graduates receive a Master's academic degree "Master of Management and Economics" and can work in the field of management in all sectors of the national economy.

Duration of training for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus is 1 year (full-time education) and 1.5 years (extramural studies), for foreign citizens - 2 years.

Higher education second stage gives the right to continue their education in graduate school in the specialty 08.00.05 "Economics and management of national economy".


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