Real Estate Management

JOINT MASTER’S PROGRAMME OF BSTU AND VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY with reception of two diplomas of a Master according to speciality “Real Estate Management” has been opened Belarussian State Technological University (BSTU) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) are declaring the competition enrolment of candidates for studies by correspondence or online study mode for Master’s degree according to the program “Real Estate Management”.


 The program has been worked out for highly qualified, motivated students who are professionally interested in the issues of real estate management, in particular their international aspects who have received university education of the first degree, have the qualification degree of not less than a Bachelor or a corresponding degree of University education. The duration of the Program is 2 years (4 semesters). Form of education is by correspondence or online study mode. The students who have successfully completed the course of education and defended Master’s thesis are awarded with the academic degree of a “Master in Management”. They get two diplomas: diploma of BSTU which is valid in the Commonwealth of Independent States and a diploma of VGTU which is acknowledged in the countries of the European Union.

 The speciality has been accredited in Belarus and the European Union (at present is being accredited repeatedly). The training and sessions take place in Belarus and Lithuania. For that purpose the Master’s degree student receives an annual free of charge Schengen visa. Every Master’s degree student is appointed 2 advisors (one from BSTU, the second from VGTU).

The educational process is carried out with support from the international organizations: CEI (Central European Initiative), New Eurasia, Tempus, Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania. Besides online study mode there is full-time, extramural program (budget, on a fee-paying basis) with conferring one diploma – BSTU.

 The mentioned speciality in BSTU can be matriculated by persons who have completed the higher education according to the following specialities conferred in the institutions of higher education of Belarus Republic WITHOUT AN ENTRY EXAMINATION:

 1-75 Forestry and Landscape Architecture;

 1-25 Economics;

 1-26 Management;

 1-27 Economics and Plant Organization;

 1-36 11 Building and Municipal Engineering;

 1-69 Architecture;

 1-70 Building;

 1-56 Land Planning;

 1-74 04 Rural Building and Placemaking;

 1-96 Economical Safety.

 The mentioned specialty in BSTU can be matriculated by persons who have completed the higher education according to the OTHER SPECIALITIES conferred in the institutions of higher education of Belarus Republic under the condition that they are successful in PASSING THE ENTRY EXAMINATION on “Real Estate Management”.

The language of studies and evaluation is Russian or English. The duration of studies is 2 years. Term of handing in of the documents to BSTU: for the citizens of BR till 20 August 2017 inclusive, for foreign citizens – till 3 September 2017 inclusive.

 The payment for the studies makes: for the citizens of Belarus Republic – about 1470 euros per year. The beginning of the studies: September 2017.

More detailed information – in the site of BSTU, tab on Master’s studies and Department of Plant Organization and Real Estate Economics (Tel. 327-71-17, e-mail:, site of the Master’s studies Kovalevskiy Sergey (+375 29 767 91 81) (responsible person for the process of documents acceptance) – training in the magistracy:

Rossokha Evgeniy (+375 29 502 99 38);

Malaschuk Evgeniy (+375 29 573 68 82) – (teaching staff) – in Lithuania: +370 65292347,; +370 5 2370655

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