Power Systems and Complexes

Department of energy saving, hydraulics and heating prepares Masters of Engineering of the following specialization: 1-43 80 02 “Power systems and complexes”.

At this speciality Masters get in-depth knowledge in the development of electricity-, heat-and-power systems, selection and design of power supply circuits of territorial production and industrial centers. General development laws of energy systems, integrated energy problems, energy supply schemes for different energy systems based on energy balance and ecological problems ere studied in detail. High-level undergraduates study the structure and potential sources and types of final energy used in the national economy, the production problem of transformed kinds of energy, its production and use.

  The following special subjects are studied:

  • Scientific problems of energy saving;
  • Modern energy-saving technologies ;
  • Heat-exchangers of energy systems;
  • Heat exchange in two-phase flows.

Masters of Engineering of 1-43 80 02 “Power systems and complexes” speciality, are in demand at different enterprises as specialists in the area of ​​energy supply and energy efficiency improvement, reliability and maneuverability of power systems.

After graduation the Masters have an opportunity to continue their education at the department postgraduate study, speciality 01.04.14 " Thermophysics and theoretical the heating engineering".

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