Speciality 1-26 81 05 «Marketing» provides a master's degree of economics and management.

The Master's graduates may enter a group of specialties on 25 01 «Economics and Management»,  1-26 01 01 «Governance», 1-26 01 03 «Public administration and economy», 1-26 02 01 «Business administration», 1-26 02 02 «Management (according to directions)», 1-26 02 03 «Marketing», 1-26 02 05 «Logistics», 1-27 01 01 «Economy and organization of production (for directions)», 1-31 03 06 «Economic cybernetics (the directions)», specialization 1-23 01 02-05 02 «Communication technologies in business» (the direction of specialty 1-23 01 02-05 «Linguistic support of intercultural communication (foreign economic relations)»).

Persons with tertiary education first stage for other specialties, participate in the competition in the light of passing additional exams.

Training on specialty during the daytime (1 year) and part time (1.5 years) forms.

Studied disciplines:

1. Cycle of disciplines of special training:

1.1 National component:

1.1.1 Information Technology in Economics and Management;

1.1.2 Microeconomics (advanced level);

1.1.3 Macroeconomics (advanced level);

1.1.4 Econometrics (advanced level).

1.2 The component institutions of higher education:

1.2.1 Strategic Marketing;

1.2.2 Creative Management;

1.2.3 Relationship marketing;

1.2.4 Controlling.

Elective courses a student:

1.2.5 Competitive Strategy / Marketing in industries and occupations;

1.2.6 Information support of marketing solutions / Price management;

1.2.7 Global Marketing / Merchandising;

1.2.8 Brand Management / International Marketing.

The main areas of professional master's activity is the production, trade, services related to software development, production and promotion of goods and services, marketing, including promotional activities, activities related to the product packaging.

The Master will be ready to perform the following tasks of professional activity:

– Development of plans and programs of the organization of innovation, feasibility study of innovative projects in their professional activities;

– The use of science and advanced technology in the field of marketing;

– To develop and implement marketing plans and projects;

– Analysis of the economic activity of the organization or enterprise.

The possibility of continuing education master's:

Masters can continue training in postgraduate study on specialties 08.00.05 «National Economy and management», 08.00.14 «The world economy».

For more information, please call + 375-17-3277066.

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