Machines, Aggregates and Processes (printing)

Training of master’s degree students is carried out at the departments of printing equipment and information processing systems (PE&IPS) / printing (PP).

Graduates are awarded the degree of master’s degree (Engineering).

The level of basic education for submitting documents is higher education in the specialties:

1-36 01 06 "Printing equipment and information processing systems"

1-47 01 02 "Technology of printing production".

Persons with higher education on different specialties, participate in the competition based on the results of passing additional exams in other disciplines.

The training period for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus – 1 year (full-time training), 1,5 years ( study by correspondence), for foreign citizens – up to 2 years.


– philosophy and methodology of science

– foreign language

– basics of information technology

– pedagogy and psychology of higher school

– structural mechanics of printing materials

– processes and equipment of printing production / theory of quality control systems of printed products

– modeling and optimization of machining processes of printing information / statistical modeling of technological processes of printing production

– hardware and software and information support of printing industries /simulation model of the processes of organization and management in the printing industry.

The objects of professional activity of the master’s degree graduate are:

– regularities, physical nature of the processes of manufacture, hardening, restoration of parts and assemblies for printing machines, characteristics of quality and production efficiency

processes of manufacture, hardening and restoration of parts and assemblies for printing machines, management of system quality of printed products, methods of resource saving, technological equipment, tooling, production management in printing industry

educational system, educational processes, educational support, educational innovation

international standards and regulations for the printing industry.

Master's degree graduate can continue training in postgraduate study on specialty 05.02.13 Machines, units and processes (in the fields).

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