Landscape Design and Construction

General characteristics of the specialty.

Specialty 1-75 81 01 Landscape Design and Construction provides a master's degree in Landscape Design and Construction.

For education in master’s degree the first stage of higher education in the specialty
1-75 02 01 Landscape Architecture and Construction is necessary.

People with higher education the first stage for other specialties are involved in the competition delivery of results based on additional examinations on subjects listed by the university.

Disciplines of the curriculum:

Organization of Production and Business Management of Landscape Construction and Management,

Innovative Technologies in Gardening and Landscape Maintenance,

Advanced Areas of Landscape Architecture and Design,

Foreign Language for Specific Purposes,

Modern Building Materials and Constructions for Landscaping,

Lawn and Alternative Ground Covers in Landscape Construction,

Information Systems and Technology in Landscape Design and Construction,

Intensive Horticulture Industry and Ornamental Plants Production,

Flower Design of Open Spaces and Interiors,

Sustainable Functioning of the Livelihood Systems for Ornamental Plants,

Scientific Restoration and Reconstruction of Landscape Objects,

Aerospace Methods in Landscape Design.

Spheres of professional activity:

Growing of flowers;
Growing of perennial plants;
Nursery production;
Activities in the field of architecture;
Research and development;
Other professional, scientific and technical activities;
Activities for the improvement and maintenance of landscaped areas;
Activities of the botanical gardens, zoos, reserves, national parks and sanctuaries.

Opportunities for further study:

There is a possibility of postgraduate studies (adjuncture) in the following specialties:

03.02.01 Botany;
05.23.23 Architecture of Buildings, Urban and Rural Settlements, Inter-settlement Territories;
06.01.05 Selection and Seed Production of Agricultural Plants;
06.01.07 Plant Protection;
06.01.09 Plant Growing;
06.01.10 Fruit Production;
06.03.03 Agroforest Improvement, Protective Afforestation and Planting Settlements, Forest Fires and Fire Fighting.

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