Innovative Technology of Silicate Building Materials and Products

Graduate departments are technology of glass and ceramics and chemical technology of binding materials.

Duration of training: for citizens of the Republic of Belarus in full-time education – 1.5 years,  education by correspondence – 2 years, for foreign citizens – up to 2 years.

The level of basic education of persons admitted for higher secondary education – higher education on specialties:

1-31 05 01-01 "Chemistry (scientific and production activity)"

1-36 07 01 02 "Machines and equipment of enterprises of building materials and products"

1-48 01 01 "Chemical technology of inorganic substances, materials and products"

1-51 02 01 "Development of mineral deposits (areas)"

1-53 01 01-07 "Automation of technological processes and production (building materials industry)"

1-57 01 01 "Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources"

1-70 01 01 "Production of building products and structures".

Persons with higher education degree on different specialties participate in the competition based on the results of passing additional exams in other disciplines.

Within the specialty, 1-48 81 01 "Innovative technologies of silicate building materials and products" provides enhanced study of promising trends and technological innovations in the modern production of building ceramics, binders and construction materials on their basis, the practical issues of providing high quality and durability of construction materials, sustainability and energy efficiency of their production and use.

The objects of professional activity of the master’s degree student are:

technology of production of silicate building materials and products;

project development in the field of production of silicate building materials;

composite silicate materials and products;

research and innovation in the field of production of silicate building materials;

thermal plants and equipment for the implementation of the process of obtaining silicate building materials and articles;

means and methods of quality control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products;

standards and regulations for the production of silicate building materials and products.

Master's degree graduates of specialty 1-48 81 01 "Innovative technologies of silicate building materials and articles" are awarded the master’s degree in engineering and technology. To continue their education in postgraduate study is possible mainly in the following fields:

– 05.17.11 – technology of silicate and refractory nonmetallic materials

– 05.23.05 – building materials and products.

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