Innovation management



    Educational institution  "Belarusian State Technological University" (Republic of Belarus) together with the Bialystok Technical University (the Republic of Poland) invite to get Master’s degree on the second stage of higher education in the specialisation 1-26 81 02 "Innovation Management" with the qualification "Master of Management" and the issuance of two diplomas of  Republic Belarus and the European Union.

  Persons having higher education of the first degree in other specialisations participate in the competition taking into account the results of passing additional exams.

   The form of obtaining higher education is remote (correspondence). The term of study is 2 years.


The Master will be ready to solve the following tasks of

professional activity:

- to manage economic services and divisions of organizations of different forms of ownership, public authorities;

- develop programs for the organization of innovative activities, feasibility study of innovative projects;

- Manage the process of promoting innovation, determine the behavior strategies of economic agents in different markets.

Possibilities for continuing the master's education: The Master can continue his postgraduate studies.

Contact Information:

The postal address is 220006,

Minsk, Sverdlov, 13a, BSTU, building 4, cab. 432, 435, 425a, 443.

Phone - +375 (17) 327-73-66. E-mail:

Head. Chair: Professor, Doctor of Economics Irina V. Novikova

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