Preparation of master's degree is the Department of Industrial Ecology

Key Features specialty

Specialty 1-33 80 02 "Geoecology" refers to the technical profile of education and provides a master's degree in technical sciences.

To obtain a master's degree education must be the first stage of higher education in the specialty 1-57 01 01 "Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources."

Persons with higher education of the first stage for other specialties, participate in the competition in the light of passing additional exams in the disciplines listed by the university.

Education in the MA course is conducted on a full-time (day) and correspondence forms.

The period of study in full-time for one year, in correspondence of a half years.

Taught subjects

Cycle of disciplines candidate examinations and tests:

- Philosophy and Methodology of Science

- Foreign language

- Fundamentals of Information Technology.

Cycle of disciplines of special training:

- Pedagogy and psychology of higher education

- Modern problems of geography and science schools in Belarus

- Environmental planning and design

- A comprehensive prevention and control of pollution

- Modern environmental technology.


Masters training program includes the performance of scientific research on topics related to solving problems in the field of wastewater treatment, use and disposal of industrial and consumer waste, environmental impact assessment of products and production facilities using the methodology of life cycle analysis.

Areas of professional activity of Masters

-research Organization specialized institutes Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Belarus;

-research Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;

-environmental Service large industrial enterprises;

-Scientific Research and development in the field of environmental protection.

Possibilities for further education Master's degree

Graduates of the MA course by specialty 1-33 80 02 Geoecology have the opportunity to continue their education in graduate school in the specialty 25.03.13 "Geoecology" (engineering). Graduate work performed on topics related to the study of physical and chemical processes occurring in the solid and liquid phases of industrial waste in order to create the technologies of their processing and disposal, the development of methodologies to assess the impact of production facilities on the environment.

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