Forest Science and Forestry, Forest Fires and Fire Fighting

Specialty 1-75 80 03 «Forest science and forestry, forest fires and fire fighting» provides a master's degree in biological sciences and agriculture.

Master degree must first higher education degree in the specialty 1-75 01 01 «Forestry».

People with higher education the first stage for other specialties are involved in the competition delivery of results based on additional examinations on subjects listed by the university.

Education in the magistracy provides intramural and extramural forms.

Term of studies at full-time is one year, in extramural – a half years.

Philosophy and methodology of science, Foreign language, Basis of information technology, Pedagogy and psychology of graduate school, Innovative technologies in forestry, The current dynamics of forest ecosystems and biodiversity, Forest vegetation succession, bases of studying of forest resources

Silviculture and other forestry activities, scientific research and development on natural sciences and engineering, higher education.

The objects of professional activity are: forest fund, forest planning, technological processes for reproduction and cultivation of forests.

Postgraduate studies (adjuncture) conducted on the following specialties:

– 03.02.01 botany;

– 03.02.08 ecology (by branches);

– 03.02.14 biological resources;

– 06.03.02 Silviculture, forestry, forest management and forest inventory;

– 06.03.03 Agroforest improvement, protective afforestation and planting settlements, forest fires and fire fighting.

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