Forest Regulation and Mensuration

Major specialty features: study of subjects related to the use of information systems in the forestry, forest measurement methods, practical aspects of the forest inventory and management planning.

The disciplines: sampling methods in forest research, international forest certification system, modeling of growth and forest processes, information technology in forest management and forestry, global positioning systems in forest management and forestry, remote sensing and geoinformatics.

Specialty areas: graduates work in forest management organizations, forest inventory, and forestry research institutions.

Opportunities for further study: master is prepared for post-graduate education program primarily for the following specialties : 06.03.01 forest cultures, breeding, seed growing; 06.03.02 forestry, forest management, forest inventory, and forest mensuration; 06.03.03 agroforestry, protective afforestation and planting settlements, forest fires and fire-fighting.

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