Equipment and Methods of Environment, Substances, Materials and Products Control

Master course along the speciality 1-38 80 06 “Equipment and Methods of Environment, Substances, Meterials and Products Control” runs at the Department for Physical and Chemical Methods for Certification since 2007. The graduators are awarded with the degree of Master of Science in Engineering or in Chemistry. The studies are aimed to theoretical knowledge and practical skills of experiment technique for design and application of different means for any measurement, which exists in any branch.

Within the 1.5 year course some general disciplines like philosophy and methodology of science, foreign language, informatics, pedagogic and psychology of higher education as well as special ones like detectors and signal treating, engineering decision making, basics of research are delivered. The Department is equipped with its means for any investigations and there are such simple devices as usual wages and so complex ones as chromatographs, NMR-spectrometers or unique units for microbiological analysis.

The graduators who demonstrate their high research abilities could be recommended to continue education at doctorate study.

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