Economics and Management at Enterprises

Economy and management at enterprise

In the departments of Economics and management, economic theory and marketing specialists are trained at the second stage of higher education in the specialty 1-25 81 07 "Economics and management at enterprise" (practice-oriented master's degree).

Training in the practice-oriented master's degree allows you to develop and consolidate the theoretical, practical and methodological skills in the chosen speciality and field of activity, and to solve complex professional tasks, tasks of research and scientific-pedagogical activity, to develop and implement innovative projects.

The educational program for practice-oriented master's degree course with enhanced training aimed at the formation of the profound level of knowledge, skills and abilities for professional and innovation. It includes a set of professional and special disciplines (it is determined by graduate department):

  • information technology in economics and management
  • microeconomics (advanced level)
  • macroeconomics (advanced level)
  • econometrics (advanced level)
  • competitive environment of management
  • organization of foreign economic activity
  • modern problems of development of innovative economy
  • analysis and forecasting of economic development
  • global marketing
  • management in social and economic systems
  • creative management
  • strategic marketing
  • relationship marketing
  • controlling
  • competitive strategy
  • marketing in branches and spheres of activity,
  • nformation support of marketing solutions
  • price management
  • global marketing
  • merchandising
  • brand management
  • international marketing.

Master's degree graduates can work in the field of economy in all branches of national economy.

Higher education of the second degree allows the graduates to continue education in postgraduate study on a speciality 08.00.05 "Economics and national economy management".

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