1. Main characteristics of specialty

Specialty 1-48 80 08 «Biotechnology» in accordance with the national classifier of the Republic of Belarus NCRB 011-2009 refers to the profile of education I «Equipment and technologies», direction of education 48 «Chemical industry» and provides a master's degree (on branches of science): technical, chemical, biological.


2. Studied disciplines

1. Cycle of disciplines of candidate examinations and tests

1.1. Philosophy and science methodology

1.2. Foreign language

1.3. Basics of information technologies

2. Cycle of disciplines of special preparation

State component

2.1. Pedagogics and psychology of the higher school

2.2. Modern achievements of biotechnology

Component of institution of higher education

2.3. Instrumental methods of research of biopolymers and cells

2.4. Disciplines at the choice of the undergraduate (Methods genetic engineering / Genetics of microorganisms)


3. Spheres of professional activity

According to the national classifier of the Republic of Belarus NCRB 005-2011 «Types of economic activity» spheres of professional activity of the master are:

– 1051 Processing of milk and production of cheeses;

– 10899 Production of the other food which haven't been included in other groups;

– 1105 Production of beer;

– 20141 Productions of ethyl alcohol;

– 21201 Productions of pharmaceuticals;

– 21202 Production of medicines for veterinary;

– 72 Scientific research and development;

– 854 Higher education.


4. Possibilities of further training

Postgraduate study on the following specialties:

03.01.06 – Biotechnology (including bionanotechnologies);

03.02.03 – Microbiology.


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