Accounting, Analysis and Auditing

General characteristics of the specialty.

Specialty 1-25 81 06 "Accounting, analysis and audit" refers to the profile of education "Communications. Law. Economy. Management. Economics and organization of production, "the direction of education" Economics "specialty group" Innovative activity "and provides a degree of Master of Economics.

Level of basic education for people getting higher education of the second stage is the first stage higher education in the specialties:

1 – 23 01 02-05 02 Communication technologies in business;

1–25 01 04 Finance and credit;

1–25 01 05 Statistics;

1–25 01 07 Economy and Management;

1–25 01 08 Accounting, analysis and audit;

1–25 01 10 Commercial activity;

1–25 01 11 Audit and auditing;

1–25 01 13 Economy and management of tourist industry;

1–26 02 03 Marketing;

1–27 01 01 Economics and Production.

People with higher education of the first stage in other specialties may participate in the competition based on the results of taking additional examinations in various academic disciplines.

Disciplines of the curriculum:

Information Technologies in Economics and Management;

Microeconomics ( advanced level);

Macroeconomics ( advanced level);

Econometrics ( advanced level);

Modern problems of innovative economy development;

Controlling and budgeting;

Organization of foreign economic activity;

Income and wages policy in the organization;

Management / socio-economic system management;

Financial Management / Methodology of property assessment organization.

Spheres of professional activity for masters are auditing activities and activities in the field of accounting.

Opportunities for further study. Persons who have obtained Master degree in Economic, are prepared for the development of the educational program of graduate studies in economic fields (mainly in specialty 08.00.12 Accounting, statistics).

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