Specialty 1-26 81 05 "Marketing" refers to the education profile E "Communication. Law. Economics. Management. Economics and production organization", education profile 26 "Management" and allows to be awarded the  master’s degree in economics and management.


1. Subjects for special training:

1.1 State component:

1.1.1 Information technology in Economics and management

1.1.2 Microeconomics (advanced level)

1.1.3 Macroeconomics (advanced level)

1.1.4 Econometrics (advanced level).

1.2 Component of higher education institution:

1.2.1 Strategic marketing

1.2.2 Creative management

1.2.3 Marketing of relationship

1.2.4 Controlling.

Elective courses of a master’s degree student:

1.2.5 Competitive strategy / Marketing in branches and spheres of activity

1.2.6 Information support of marketing solutions / prices

1.2.7 Global marketing / Merchandising

1.2.8 Brand management / international marketing.

The main areas of professional master's degree are the production, trade, services related to providing the development, production and promotion of goods and services, marketing, including promotional activities, activities related to the packaging of goods.

To continue education of master's degree course:

The graduate will be trained to continue the educational program of the graduate course (adjunction) mainly in the following specialties 08.00.05 "Economics and national economy management", 08.00.14 "World economy".