Wood Science, Woodworking Technology and Equipment

Specialty 1-46 80 01 "Wood science technology and woodworking equipment" refers to the education profile "engineering and technology", the education field "Scientific and pedagogical activity", it allows to be awarded the master’s degree (Engineering). Training in the specialty is provided by the Department of technology of woodworking production (TPD), the Department of the technology and design of wood products (TDID), the Department of woodworking machines and tools (DWMT).

The level of basic education of persons admitted for higher education at the second stage is higher education in specialty 1-46 01 02 Technology of woodworking industry, in the field of the specialty 1-08 01 01-04 Vocational training (woodworking), with specializations 1-36 01 03 05 Machinery and equipment for woodworking, 1-36 05 05 01 Design and production of woodworking machines and tools.

Persons with higher education on different specialties, participate in the competition taking into account the results of the additional examinations in the academic disciplines as determined by the institution of higher education in accordance with the recommendations of Education-methodical Association of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus in the field of wildlife management and forestry.

Terms of full-time study – 1 year, study by correspondence - up to 1.5 years.

The objects of professional activity of the master’s degree students are:

  • use of science, advanced technology and equipment in woodworking development of practical recommendations on the use of research, planning and conducting experimental research, study of the patentability and technical level of developments, development of scientific-technical documentation;
  • study of the properties of wood, wood materials for the purpose of development of recommendations on their rational use;
  • research and development of new wood materials and wood products on the basis of complex use of wood;
  • research on technological processes, equipment and tools used in the production of wood materials and wood products for the purpose of improvement, development of new improved processes, equipment and tools;
  • development of measures on complex use of raw materials, substitution of scarce and imported materials, finding ways of waste disposal, selection of systems of ecological safety of production;
  • assessment of economic efficiency of technological processes, development plans and programs of the organization of innovative activity, study of innovative projects, evaluation of innovation and technological risks in implementing new technologies and equipment;
  • use of modern methods of design technological processes, wood products, equipment and tools, use of automation of designing, preparation of project documentation;
  • development of technical specifications, standards and technical descriptions of new wood materials and wood products;
  • preparation and conducting lessons with the students, supervising their research work, development of training and methodological support.

Master's degree graduate can continue training in postgraduate study on 05.21.05 specialty:  wood science technology and woodworking equipment.

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