Wood and Woodworking Industry
Научная публикация
Wood and Woodworking Industry
Автор(ы): V. I. Pastusheni
УДК: UDC 674.093.3
Год издания: 2012
Дата загрузки: 15.05.2014
Загрузил(а): Цылина И. А.

This article dwells upon process design of the log yard where logs are prepared for sawing opera- tions, tree-length materials being of different wood species. The sawing requirements are analyzed which enable efficient and complex use of the raw materials. The necessity to form sort groups before sawing is proved as well as the importance of debarking to obtain high-quality wood chips from lumber waste. The selection of optimal hoisting and transportation equipment is considered in the paper. It also focuses on the features of the technological processes of bucking, sorting and debarking of hardwood raw materials. The paper outlines the technological process and log yard layout.

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Wood and Woodworking Industry

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